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Our Information Technology Services provide hardware and software solutions to your digital need. For more information, consult the Frequently Asked Questions.

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Hardware & Software setup

We carry out the installation and tuning of all kinds of hardware or software. We do it all. From assembling all the physical equipment, to installing the necessary software for its exploitation.

Network setup
Network setup

We design or redesign the data network of your home or business from scratch. We also propose improvements to an existing network to increase its speed and performance.

Network support
Network support

We clean and organize network equipment to eliminate clutter and malfunctions in your business. We can also add new workstations to an existing network or run performance tests to assess their condition.

Network security
Network security

We ensure the security, operation and updating of server, firewall and workstation software. We can define the level of user access to information shared on the network and protect their passwords.

Home automation
Home automation

We make your life easier by automatizing different aspects from your home and office like: lighting, water leaks, door locks and energy usage.


We provide an opportunity to digitize the internal oral communication of your business, through affordable and scalable Voice over IP telephony solutions.


Are your hardware needs very expensive and get it obsolete in no time? Don't buy, let us worry for you, hire with us the necessary equipment and grow according to your needs.

Office relocation
Office relocation

Are you moving your office to another location and you are wondering how to get everything connected and working as it used to be? This is what this service is all about!


- Tech-related onboarding and “off-boarding”.
- Password management.
- Access control.
- Social media and internet monitoring for acceptable use.
- Bandwidth monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely not! Our service is provided under the prepaid modality, where the client pays in advance for the month of service, according to the selected plan. A credit or debit card is required.

Nope! Our company includes the necessary hardware for the operation of the service, on loan. Once the service is completed, the hardware is returned to the company.

There is an additional cost. This covers the installation, commissioning and possible uninstallation of the equipment, in case the service ends.

Yes! Our Clients Area allows you to manage online payments from the comfort of your office.

Your home must be located in an area accessible to our company. Today, we offer service for the cities of Hayward and part of Union City. Additionally, you must have authorization and access to the roof, where the necessary equipment for the connection may be placed.

You must contact us, using the contact form at the bottom of each page or by touching the corresponding links in the footer.


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