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Internet Service Provider & IT Management Service
Residential ISP

▪ Plans start at $25 / month
▪ Unlimited data
▪ No contract 
▪ For Hayward & Union City
▪ Wireless setup & ISP
▪ Quick customer's service

Business ISP

▪ Plans start at $55/ month
▪ Unlimited data
▪ No contract
▪ For northern California and Bay Area
▪ Wireless setup & ISP
▪ Quick customer's service

IT Services

▪ Hardware & software setup
▪ Network setup, security & support
▪ Custom home automatization
▪ VoIP PBX installation
▪ Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)
▪ Office relocation IT services
▪ HR-related IT Services

About us

"Welcome to RobinsonHSS, your all-in-one company for internet service and IT support for small businesses and residents. Formerly known as Robinson Hardware and Software Solution, we have rebranded and expanded our services to better serve our customers.

As an ISP (internet service provider), we are dedicated to providing reliable and high-speed internet access to small businesses and residents in our community. Our team of experienced professionals works tirelessly to ensure that our customers have the best possible internet experience. We understand the importance of staying connected in today's world and we work hard to ensure that our customers have the fastest and most reliable internet service.

In addition to internet service, we also provide Management IT Support for small businesses. Our team is trained to provide solutions for all of your IT needs and make sure that your business runs smoothly.

At RobinsonHSS, customer support is our top priority. We are committed to providing the latest technology and the highest level of customer service. We are here to serve you, the best broadband wireless internet speed for your home or business, no matter you are a resident or small business owner.

CEO & Founder

Why changing ISP?

Are you tired of dealing with high costs and long-term contracts from your current Internet Service Provider (ISP)? Are you frustrated with slow and unreliable internet speeds, poor customer service, and language barriers? Look no further than RobinsonHSS.
At RobinsonHSS, we understand the importance of having fast and reliable internet, especially with the increasing need for remote work and online education. That's why we offer competitive pricing and flexible options for our internet services.
We also prioritize customer service and make it a point to be easily accessible and responsive to our customers' needs. Our team is fluent in Spanish and happy to assist with any technical questions you may have. Plus, we have a convenient online tool for clients to access information and troubleshoot any issues quickly and easily.
Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with your current ISP and switch to RobinsonHSS for a better internet experience.


Extremely quick response and very friendly and helpful! Offered to pick up our computer so we could be socially distanced. Returned the computer same day all fixed up. Saved us a lot of frustration and money.


Georgina H.

San Francisco, CA

Knowledgable, personable, fast, detailed & quick response time!
Since having to work from home is now mandatory for my small business, I could no longer afford the unreliability of a slow wifi connection...


Carolyn L.

South San Francisco, CA


30030 Mission Boulevard STE 211
Hayward, CA, 94544


Email: support@robinsonhss.com
Phone: 510 619 2630

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